Here are a few things that you can do at home to help make your pet's grooming experience the best that it can be.

To ensure that your pet may receive the desired hair style you want, it is best to remove any mats before their appointment. Our stylists will be happy to show you how to properly remove mats with the right tools as stress free as possible.

Regular brushing at home (daily is best) will help your pet remain mat free and help your groomer to keep their coat in great condition.

Puppies should be trained with brushing as soon as possible. Give them a couple of days to become comfortable with you and your home. There are many tools for brushing that once they are comfortable with them the grooming experience is much less frightening and easier on your pet.

Brushing and combing your pet before and after bathing at home is recommended. Mats in the coat will tighten in water and are more difficult to remove and normally must be shaved out.

Even short coated dogs need regular bathing. This will keep their skin in good condition and they will be more comfortable in a bathing setting at the grooming salon.

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